Winter Bowls 2018

Another very successful season of winter Bowls was completed last year. We
had a great turn out from other Clubs which was really appreciated. Thanks
must also go to the members of our Club who turned out to help make the
Galas so enjoyable.

A very special thank you to Ken Spencer who took over the running of
the Galas while I was away. For some reason he always looked really pleased
when I returned!!

Again for this year if you have sorted out your team please fill in the
attached form and return it to one of the people listed on the form or for the
clever people email it back to me. If that’s to difficult just put the entry in my

If you are not yet in a team, are enthusiastic, and would like to be
involved also fill out the form and return to me. This year we are going to
supply the list of those people back to all those who apply so that YOU can
make up a team of people you wish to play with.

Please try and get the forms back to me as soon as possible or by the 20
APRIL at the latest.

See YOU in the WINTER!!
Roger Matthews

Entry Form Click Here