Trophy Winners 2018/19

Women’s Novice Singles  N/P
Men’s Novice Singles  N/P
Men’s Colts  N/P
Mixed Handicap Junior Singles
 Women’s Junior Singles
 Men’s Junior Singles
 Women’s Champion Singles
 Men’s Champion Singles
 Mixed Champion Pairs
 Women’s Champion Pairs
 Men’s Champion Pairs
 Women’s Champion Triples
 Men’s Champion Triples
 Mixed Champion Fours
Women’s Champion Fours
 Men’s Champion Fours
 Mixed Handicap Singles  Annemieke Aaron
Jenny Willis Pairs
 Franks Cup Mixed Pairs 2x4x2
 Bob Donaldson Cup
 Wyn Quinton Rosebowl
 Johnny Walker Cup
 Men’s Club Pairs
 Johnny Simpson Winter Cup
 Hyder Cup Men
 Women’s Instone Aggregate
 Men’s Instone Aggregate
 Club Member of the Year
Lions Gala Winners
Presidents Cup (Centre Event)