Pavilion and Facilities Hire

Hiring Possibilities

  • Pavilion for a daytime function

  • Greens for a corporate or social occasion

  • Indoor bowls mats and bowls

  • A combination of the above

The pavilion consists of two adjoining portions, the first being the main hall which can seat up to 100 guests at six to a round table and the second being the bar area which can seat 48 at four persons per table.

The main hall can be arranged to permit dancing and in winter for indoor bowls.

Contact the Secretary for details.


The costs can vary with the facilities required but are very competitive with other similar facilities.

The hire of the green and bowls is usually approximately $5 per player. The hire for the pavilion alone for an evening social function is on an hourly basis and the hirer is expected to clean up the pavilion or pay an extra charge.

The Pavilion

Tables in the main pavilion room arranged for a celebratory function

A view of the main pavilion with indoor mats in place

The Green

One of the greens can be hired for social occaisions at a reasonable cost per person.  Such a hire can be in conjunction with the hiring of the pavilion.

A happy group of people enjoying a day of bowls and fellowship

The Bar Area

The bar area can be shut off from the main hall by the use of curtains. There is a heat pump installed and when the curtains are drawn the area can be quite cosy in the winter months. There is a modern 55 inch TV available which can be used to show computer generated Power Point presentations, etc

The club has a Club Liquor Licence and this does not extend to casual hirers of the pavilion. However if the hirer pays for a special liquor licence the club will enter into negotiations on the use of this facility.


Are you interested in hiring our pavilion or facilities? Then contact our Secretary using the contact form.